Work From Home With Anastasia

Work From Home with Anastasia

By working with me you will have a mentor with you every step of the way. I will help you with your Young Living business, both on the product side and the business training side. I’ve gone before you so I can show you the way.

I am on the team of one of the top ranking Young Living distributors, Dr. Sharnael Wolverton, and you will also be coming onto that same successful team. In addition, you will have access to the exclusive Sharnael Swiftfire Young Living Team Facebook Group. Here you can get your questions answered by a large community of novices to experts.

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Below are some of the advantages of working from home:

Flexibility. A home-based business allows you to choose the timetable and working conditions that are optimum for you and for your family. There is no need to work the traditional 9-5 shifts. While it is true that you may be able to train yourself to be a morning person with discipline, we all have a natural body rhythm that makes us happiest and most productive when we honor it. For every early Morning Dove, there’s a midnight oil burning Night Owl.

Work Anywhere. We say “work from home,” but in reality you can work anywhere, and this is a great advantage. With a smartphone and an iPad you can work virtually anywhere these days. You could work from cafes, parks, and even from the beach! You don’t have to sit in doctor’s offices reading those old magazines. Get your phone out and do your social posts, email customers, and place orders. No more lost time! You can even travel to other countries and still work on your websites as you would do if you were sitting on your home office or Skype your customers.

Increase or maintain your income. Mothers who left careers to raise children can ease their way back into the workforce by working at home. Working at home might means you can manage your business while still having a hands-on, day-to-day parenting style.

Family time. For those with small children, working from home can mean additional family time. Even if you have a full time nanny, or send your kids to daycare, being home during the work day means you can have lunch together, take snuggle breaks, and even nurse small children instead of pumping. For new parents in particular, this flexibility can make all the difference in the world for a positive and stress free adjustment to family life.

Tax cuts. You’d be surprised how much home businesses can save you on taxes. The IRS offers a general home office deduction, or you can figure out the itemized deduction yourself. Measure and deduct the fraction of your work area at home from your rent, mortgage, insurance, electricity and internet costs. You can also deduct the cost of your computer and other general office expenses. Sometimes, you can even deduct your health insurance costs. Check out,’s list of 7 tax-saving tips for your small business and Bankrate’s dozen deductions for details.

Save Money. Starting a traditional business take a HUGE amount of startup costs. Every penny you can save in the beginning increases your chances for success, and working from home costs much less than renting an office. Not only will you save on rent, but when you work from home you also save money on furniture, software, transportation, Internet access, phones, cleaning costs, and office supplies. These small items add up to thousands of dollars a year that can go into supporting your venture instead of duplicating basics. You can put the cash you save by working from home towards starting your business, developing your team, and implementing your marketing strategy. You also save money in clothing, commuting costs, child care, and many other items.

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