Why Young Living Essential Oils

My journey to Young Living Essential Oils came through some emails that kept coming in my inbox. I would read about them and the claims were almost too good to be true. My interest was peaked but I wasn’t ready to dive in. But over time I really felt the Lord wanted me involved with these. My family surely needed the health benefits. My kids were catching everything that went around school and I had my own issues. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, reocurring sinus infections, a sluggish thyroid, and iron levels that were just above the “treatable” level. Doctors were no help to me with any of these problems.

I finally took the plunge and bought my enrollment kit. I wasn’t too interested in the business side. Not another mlm to get into and fail. I was interested in the oils themselves. And I saw results right away. It was amazing and miraculous. And sharing is caring. God began to reveal to me how these oils were part of my calling. I’m an ordained minister and always felt drawn to the healing ministries. These oils are a way to bring God’s healing power to people. Combined with prayer, this is an even more powerful healthing method!

The powerful thing about the oils is that they can bring healing and wholeness in your life in every area – Spirit, Soul, and Body. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade and the highest grade available. There are oils that help bring you in a prayerful and medatative state, affecting your spirit. There are oils that help with your emotions and perspective, affecting your soul (your mind, will & emotions). And there are oils that affect you body!

If you are ready to start your journey to wholeness, I can help you with that. We will delve into how to bring wholeness into our spirit, soul and body so that we can fulfill God’s purpose in our lives!