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FREE coaching session with the purchase of any Young Living Premium Start Living Kit. As an ordained minister, the coaching session can include  a wide range of topics including spirituality, relationships, unresolved emotions, health issues, or even business coaching if you are interested. These sessions are available in person, on the phone, through email/internet, or Skype.

For those in the Modesto, CA area, this coaching session will also include a free Zyto assessment to see what Young Living essential oils and/or nutritional supplements your body needs.

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Young Living Premium Start Living Kits


 Start Living With Everyday Oils  Start Living With Thieves

Start Living with Everyday Oils

$150.00 (115PV)

Item No: 3700 (English) Item No: 37000104 (Spanish)

Start Living with Thieves®

$150.00 (115PV)

Item No: 3694 (English) Item No: 36940104 (Spanish)

 Start Living With Ningxia Red  Start Living With Slique

Start Living with NingXia Red®

$206.25 (167.25PV)

Item No: 3696 (English) Item No: 36960104 (Spanish)

Start Living with Slique

$275.00 (235PV)

Item No: 4798  Item No: 4799 (Vegetarian)

Start Living with 5-day Nutritive Cleanse

Start Living with Core Essential Complete & 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse™

$300.00 (265PV)

Item No: 3685 (English) Item No: 36850104 (Spanish)


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