Before and After Gallery

Before and After Non Surgical Face Lift L. Bellamy
Before photo
: taken April 1, 2005
After photo: taken June 17, 2005

Note the following areas:

  • Neck area: Skin tighter, jaw line more defined
  • Forehead: Smoother
  • Eyes: eyes appear more open, lids less hooded, darkness around eyes resolved
  • Cheeks: higher
  • Texture/Tone of skin: Marked improvement, Rosacea resolved










Sue vK before & after full regimen – results noted:

  • Jowls have been eliminated, downward grooves from corners of mouth totally gone.
  • Naso-labial folds completely gone, under-eye puffiness greatly reduced, cheeks much higher.
  • Horizontal forehead grooves gone, horizontal grooves between eyes almost erased, eyes open wider and hooding reduced, upper cheek skin blemishes repaired, “orange peel” skin on neck now smooth
  • Under-chin “hanging” skin completely tightened, upper lip wrinkles reduced, lips better defined right to the corners and very smooth,
  • Grooved arc between lower lip and chin erased, overall healthy natural skin colour and texture has been restored (client now seldom needs makeup).
Regain Your Face Client before and after FIRST treatment (no makeup)
Results noted by client after just ONE session:

Before & after one session (no makeup) – results noted:

  • Eyes open wider and eyelids less hooded, cheeks higher and more sculpted, major reduction in depth of under-eye hollows.
  • Darkness under eyes greatly improved, fine wrinkles under corner of eyes totally gone and groove in under-eye area reduced by half

This man had 3 treatments on just one side of his face. Can you guess which side?