Creating Your Prayer Room

Everyone should have a regular place that they pray and seek God. It can be a room or it can be a corner of a room. The importance isn’t in how fancy or how plain it is. The importance is having a dedicated area and being consistent.

We all know it’s important to pray. The Bible is full of prayers. Even people of other religions pray with dedication. Paul told the Thessalonians to pray without ceasing (I Thess. 5:17). But there is something special about going to the same place day after day to pray. And if you can do it at the same time everyday, even better. It’s like an appointment with God. He’ll be there waiting for you. I’ve heard stories of old time intercessors praying in a certain place all the time where even their chair is anointed. Someone else could sit in their chair and pray and heaven would open. It becomes a place where angels ascend and descend bringing your prayers before the throne and the answers back to earth (Gen. 28:12).

So now you’re full of faith and ready to get your prayer room in order. What does one want or even need in a prayer room? Let’s start with the essentials: a Bible, pen, paper, reading glasses if you need them. So why do you need that if you are there to pray? Well, prayer is basically having a conversation with God. So as you and God are talking to each other, He may remind you of a scripture, or He might give you an idea to help with a certain problem you are dealing with. But expect Him to talk to you and expect that it is worth writing down. These are the essentials. Everything else is bonus and as you have room.

I do have an entire room dedicated as a prayer room, so there are several other items I have added. All of these are optional and a personal choice. You will want some of the same things and some things personal to you. I have a big vintage cozy chair that I can curl up in and get comfortable. I have a nice rug on the floor for when I pray prostrate whether in desperation or adoration or anything in between. I definitely have a cd player and some soaking CDs. I have a large supply of anointing oils, otherwise know as essential oils. I often use Sacred Frankincense when I am in prayer or worship.

I also have mementos from important spiritual times in my life. I have name badges and programs from certain conferences I’ve been to that really affected my life. I have communion cups from the Garden of Gethsemane in Israel made of native Olive wood. I have other mementos from my amazing trip to Israel. I have a menorah with candles. I have spiritual art on the walls. I also have part of my library in my prayer room. I have books on prayer. I have books from when I went to Bible college on theology and other aspects of spirituality. I have something for all five senses.

Don’t be so concerned when you first start feathering your prayer nest with what you will put there. Start with the basics and grow from there. You will know what you want close at hand as you pray and commune with God. The important part is being with God, communing with Him, having a conversation with Him. All the rest is bonus.

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