Beach Vacation with Young Living

My family just got back from a five-day vacation to Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz is a great little artsy surfing town not far from where I grew up in Northern California. I used to come to the Boardwalk with my friends as a teenager. So it’s been about 10 years or so (wink) since I’ve been here. I’m thrilled to take my family exploring here. We spent our time playing in the ocean, riding the rides at the Boardwalk, or seeing the local sights. We had to drive a windy route over the mountain to get there. A drop of Peppermint Oil in my hands helped me feeling good.

The first thing we did when we got to our Cottage was unload the luggage. Diffusing Thieves Oil is a great way to start a stay in a cottage, hotel, or anywhere away from home. Thieves Oil will kill any virus or bacteria lingering in the air. It will also fill the space with a wonderful Cinnamon and Clove scent. It reminds me of Chai Tea. If it is an oil you usually diffuse at home it will help make you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place.

Daniel got a sunburn when swimming in my Mother’s pool on the Fourth of July. So before we ventured out for the day I put some Lavender Oil and ClaraDerm Spray on his sunburn. These helped to heal the sunburn and also have a calming and soothing affect. I just had to do this a few times before he was all better.

After spending some time chasing waves at Twin Lakes Beach, overlooking the lighthouse, we changed clothes and went to the Mystery Spot. This is a local attraction where there is some kind of gravitational anomaly.  Near the center of the area, there is about a 17% lean to people in the area. This gravitational pull in the middle of the Coastal Redwoods can cause nausea and a bit of disorientation. Thankfully, I had my Peppermint Oil to help with the slight nausea and Lavender Oil to help with the allergies I was feeling from the majestic Redwoods.

The next day we went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Dating back to 1907, it was voted the best Seaside Amusement Park in the country. We got our all-day passes and headed for the rides. The first one we hit was the new Undertow ride. There are two riders facing forward and two facing backwards. The car spins around while it goes along the rollercoaster tracks. We also hit the famous Giant Dipper. This wooden roller coaster was built in 1924 and is still running. I’m a huge roller coaster fan and this has always been one of my favorite roller coasters. But I can’t handle the rides like I used to. Again, Peppermint Oil to the rescue. This helps me to keep running on the rides like I was still a kid. While we were there Kevin got interviewed by a travel blog, Marble Hoppers. We just laugh. Those of you that know Kevin know that he is a people magnet!

The third day we headed back up the mountain for some zip lining in the Redwoods. We took the Redwood Canopy Tour in Mount Hermon. With a total of six zip lines, the tour boasts amazing views from high up in the trees. The highest zip line is 150 feet up in the air. Even the bravest can feel a little insecure. This is when you want to break out the Valor Oil. Valor is a blend of oils that was used in ancient times for gladiators and men going into battle. I was also using Lavender for the air-borne allergies of the trees, leaves, and other things in nature.

All this adventure and sight-seeing made us hungry. One place we hit was a Bay Area favorite, Pizza My Heart. Originating in Capitola, they are all over now. We hit the one in Capitola and in Santa Cruz, getting pizza and t-shirts in both locations. There is surfing décor all around. My favorite restaurant was the one in downtown Santa Cruz where there were sharks hanging from the ceiling and a motorized surf board on the wall. Another place we loved was Woodies Café on the Wharf. It is named after the wood paneled cars that surfers love. We sat next to the big picture window while we ate seafood. We also had our fill of boardwalk food. I’ve definitely been taking my Essentialzyme pills to help digest all this food.

At the end of the five days we were ready to head home. We had tons of fun on the beach and the boardwalk. It was a great time spent together as a family. Now we were ready to get back to our pets and sleep in our own beds. I’m thankful that we had a wonderful family vacation and I’m thankful for Young Living products for the comfort they brought to the vacation.

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